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iRenoSG | Singapore Interior Design | May 29, 2020

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3D Innovative

3D Innovative
3D Innovative

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Very Good

Striving to Fulfill your Requirement to your Budget

3D INNOVATIONS was a one-stop solution of Home Renovations Singapore, Renovation Contractor Singapore, Interior Design & Renovation

which was inaugurated as Chern Hock renovation in 1982. As an ISO 9001 awarded company, we strive to provide excellent services, creativity design & delivery quality finishing works to its highest standard.

We have our own carpentry workshop aiming to ensure quality & material control for all customized carpentry work. Focusing on customer-oriented, we strive to fulfil our client requirement in prior meeting to their budget during our free consultation.


We distinguish ourselves by accentuating our core values. Each design represents our belief and essence:

Design Supreme

We offer innovative and unique designs tailored to satiate the senses of each of our discerning clients. It ranges from 3D graphic modelling on the PC to a black and white sketch on an A4 paper. We invoke succinct designs for your pleasure.

Dedication To Our Clients

We practices pro customer service policy at all times. We believe that customers are ought to be given the best service as we believe in growing with them together for life. We have received many testimonies appreciating our service ethics.

Driven To Perform

We are a very driven team of individuals who place great emphasis on diligence. We translate the great designs into reality in quick turnaround. We strive to provide the best solutions to our clients and perform with great dexterity. We deliver our promise and our clients deliver our praises.