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The features of Singapore HDB Flats

The features of Singapore HDB Flats

| On 20, Aug 2013

HDB is used for Housing Development Board and it is the board which is responsible for the housing in Singapore.  Many people in Singapore choose to live in these flats. The flats are found at different prices and types. The standard of HDB  are grouped depending on the number and size of the rooms. The smallest flat has 2 rooms and  the largest has 5 rooms. The flats also may have different variations in the features and sizes of the room. If you look for the flat under the optional component scheme, you will have the chance to choose different features like sanitary floor finishes and sanitary fitting on your new flat.

Other Singapore HDB Flats may also include executive flats that have been designed for the elderly and which comes in two sizes. The executive flats have a kitchen, dining area, living area, two additional bedrooms and main bedroom that is attached on the bathroom. Other features may include the storerooms apartment shelter, common bathroom and two additional bedrooms.

Before you are allowed to buy a Singaporean HDB flat, you have to meet certain conditions. You need to be a citizen of the country or to be a permanent resident. You need also to have a large family which includes fiancées, children, spouse or parents.  The income of the families is also considered since the main reason for this scheme is to help people who are starting the families and who are in the lower income brackets. To be able to resell the flat, the owner will have to meet the minimum occupation period or MOP requirements of at least 5 years. This rule has been established in order to prevent any problem with spiraling prices and property speculations.

The person who wants to re-buy a HDB flat will have to meet the eligibility requirements.

If you are a permanent resident or if you are not a citizen of the country, you need to have the following type of visas to be able to qualify.  You should have a long term social visit pass, a dependent pass, a student pass, a work permit holder, S pass and employment pass.

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