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iRenoSG | Singapore Interior Design | February 29, 2020

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Home Decor For Singaporean

Home Decor For Singaporean

What surrounds you is a reflection of you. Home Decor is all about making sure that your surroundings reflect the real you, so you can feel comfortable in them, and proud of them too.

Singapore Home Function

Before you go out and buy paint and furniture, you need to decide what each space will be used for:

  • Are you going to work in that particular room?
  • Will it be a place for relaxing?
  • A place for eating?
  • Once you have decided how you are going to use the space you can get started making it happen.

Singapore Home Decor

You will need to know the dimensions of the space in question so you can do a little ‘space planning’ for furniture, and also how much paint, wallpaper, fabrics or carpet you will need. So get out your measuring tape and make sure you make a note of all the principal dimensions.

Singapore Home Special features

Do any of the rooms have a special feature you would like to highlight? Maybe there is a window seat or fireplace or an alcove that you would like to make a feature of the room. You can make some sketches to give yourself a better idea of what you imagine it will look like when you have finished.

Singapore Home Mood

What kind of mood do you want the particular space to project? The color of paint, types of fabric and furniture used will all contribute to the overall feel of the room. You should decide on whether you want to use pale relaxing colors or maybe something a little bolder. What type of furniture do you want to use in the space? Which colors will coordinate well with it? Searching online can give you lots of ideas, or browsing through home design magazines can be very inspiring.

Now that you have clear the mood and feel you want to create in the space you can go about buying the necessary paint and furnishings. You can use samples of fabric, colors and carpets to simulate the finished effect before committing yourself fully.

Singaporean do it yourself (DIY) … or not

Once you have a clear plan of what you want to do, you will need to make the decision to contract someone to do it for you, or to do it yourself. This latter option may not be as daunting as you think, as there are many stores, magazines and resources available for people who want to decorate their own home themselves. An added bonus is that the feeling of accomplishment doing it yourself is far greater than letting another person create your space – and after all – it is your space

Singaporean’s Home Personal touches

The culmination of this process will be the smaller personalized touches you add to finish off each room. You can locate plants, mirrors, lamps and a whole host of accessories to make each space more interesting. These things will typically reflect your personality, and you may want to spend some time looking for and choosing exactly what you want.

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